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Lewes support for Ukrainian refugees

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Ukrainian Café in Lewes

Wednesday 10:00-12:00
Christ Church, Lewes, BN1 LN
(At the corner of Prince Edwards and Fitzjohn Roads)

This a popular opportunity for refugees, sponsors and helpers to meet, exchange information and socialise.

People can have their English skills assessed and are offered places in free English classes in Lewes.

Usually there is a person from 3VA at the café who can explain applying for Universal Credit, Child Allowance, etc… They also can supply SIM cards.

The café is a useful place for prospective sponsors to meet other sponsors and Lewes For Ukraine volunteers, to discuss the hosting process and lifestyle.

This vital service would not be possible without the kind and enduring support of the Christ Church, Lewes congregation.

Newick Ukraine Community Support Hub

For host families, refugees and anyone interesting in donating or offering support.

Every Friday 10:00-12:00 at Newick Community Centre, Marbles Rd, BN8 4LR

What Lewes For Ukraine is working on now

July 2022

Discussions with Local Government

Lewes For Ukraine and Lewes Helps Ukraine volunteers are liaising with local government at County and District level to discuss present and future responses to the Ukrainian crisis and how we can all best support the Ukrainians who are here already and those to come in the near future.

First Footing Event

Lewes and Newhaven DWP have organised a training, education and job fare for Ukrainian refugees at the Lewes Campus of Sussex College, on Wednesday, July 20th fron 10:00 – 13:00. We will have a table to inform people of our work and find out how we can be of help.

English Lessons

Responding to the very high demand for English lessons we are working with LOSRAS (Lewes Organisation Supporting Refugees and Asylums Seekers) to provide many hours of lessons and four different levels. LOSRAS had received a grant allowing them to hire an English Lesson Co-ordinator. This means that we can increase our capacity to offer lessons now and in the future.

Following advice, all groups use the Dorling Kindersly English Books: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate and Advanced.  These are proving popular with both teachers and students and gives very good continuity between lesson levels.

All this important work is only possible through the efforts of our volunteer teachers.

Music Nights

Following the huge success of our first Music Night, we will be having monthly Music Nights. These are a combination of British and Ukrainian music and musicians.  Please follow us on the Facebook pages: Lewes For Ukraine and Lewes Helps Ukraine for times and dates. Many thanks for Mitch at the Royal Oak Pub for being such a wonderful host!


So many groups and organisations want to support Lewes For Ukraine’s work by offering reduced or free entry for our guests.

Thank you:

  • Lewes Priory Trust
  • Wave Leisure, Lewes
  • John Handcorn for The Big Sing for Ukraine
  • Ashdown Singers
  • Lewes Children’s Book Group
  • Commercial Square Bonfire Society for Proms in the Paddock

Craft Sessions

During the summer holidays we will be offering a variety of craft sessions for adults and children.