Sponsoring and Visa Advice – Pat O’Toole

Lewes support for Ukrainian refugees

Sponsorship Advice From Pat O’Toole of Lewes Helps Ukraine Facebook Group

The Process

The first step is to register with the government website to be a sponsor. You must do this first. This does not mean that they will match you, however! You will get an email receipt confirming you have registered.

The second step is to register to find someone to sponsor. There are many sites, this website works really well for both sides. It’s super easy (a bit like air B&B) and you select your criteria and how you want to be contacted. Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, email, etc. You are then contacted directly and the rest is down to you to arrange.

We had 6 inquiries within 15 minutes when we registered. We messaged folk in the first instance and then arranged to speak to the most suitable for us and initiated a phone call to get to know her (and her to meet us and ask any questions). We sent her links to Lewes info and lots of pictures and videos for her to look at of our house and the room she will be staying in (and send to her mother who is still in Ukraine). We also chatted about our cat, garden, the weather, and of course our food preferences!

We then all agreed to start the visa application process.

 The Visa Bit!

One person submits the visa (doesn’t matter which). We worked together on it (screengrabs and messaging) and filled in all our relevant details. We also gave her the link and password so she could complete the tricky bits. Once we had all the passport scans and documents we uploaded them and completed the submission on our end as we have a computer and many folk only have their phones with them. You will get an email receipt once you have completed and submitted it. We do not have any idea on the time frame as yet when we will get approval for her to get on a flight to the UK.

Thanks for this valuable info Pat! Admin x